R & W Credit Solutions specialises in accounts receivable (debt collection) and a range of additional credit risk management functions, such as benefit recovery, due diligence, and forensic auditing.

Your Global Risk and Wealth Partner

Our services are offered in South Africa and just about anywhere in the world. As a proud partner of Global Credit Solutions Limited, one of the largest debt collection and credit management solutions providers in the world, we provide first-rate financial recovery solutions anywhere on the globe. Our services are accompanied by strict audit compliance that is on par with international standards.

Debt Collection / Accounts Receivable

• National and international collections.
• State-of-the-art call centre.
• Legal Action.
We work on a No Collection – No Fee basis.

Benefit Recovery

Data reconstruction, trace and locate, complete claim form and annexures, and we handle all client enquiries.

Know Your Customer

Supply details, objective and verified facts, present ample information to make informed business decisions and detailed reports.

Know Your Employees

Reduce risk when making key appointments, verify credentials, and know exactly the kind of individuals you employ.

R & W Credit Solutions is proudly associated with ADRA and the GCS Group.

R & W Credit Solutions is a Level 4 BBEEE Contributor.
Debt Collectors Council Registration Number: 3662/03
Association of Debt Recovery Agents Membership Number: 976

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