Know Your Employees

Objectively verify who the people in your employ are or who you are about to employ.

It is critical to every employer to know their employee, especially key employees. Employees are the driving force behind every commercial entity and ultimately determine your success or failure.

Do you know who your employees or the individuals you are about to employ are? Whether he or she is who they say they are, have the qualifications, employment history, experience and industry reputation they claim to have and are of the character they claim to be?

Our KYE Investigation Report includes the verification of:

  • Identity
  • Physical address
  • Marital status
  • Qualifications
  • Standing with professional and other associations
  • Employment history and references
  • Employment reputation
  • Criminal record
  • Credit history
  • Assets and liabilities, including credit exposure

Kindly note: KYC and KYE reports may contain any of the facts you wish to verify. Reports can be tailored to include only the components you need.

Investigative Services

We provide an array of investigative services across the globe. Although an investigation can take on many forms, common investigations include:

  • Financial investigations
  • Fraud investigations
  • Intellectual property right infringement
  • Copy right infringements
  • Asset and fund location
  • Tracing missing persons, witnesses and absconded debtors
  • Forensic auditing

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